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by Frankie Campling and Michael Sharpe
Oxford University Press, 2008
Review by Samin Khan on Aug 25th 2009

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (The Facts)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome compiled and researched by Frankie Campling and Micheal Sharpe deals with medical investigations of the typical type of Fatigue of CFS/ME. It is described as a feeling of exhaustion, lassitude and tiredness.

 In our society, a person who is pure from diseases as according to his medical reports and checkups is considered as perfectly normal, but some of these people still complain of problems such as weakness of eye vision, pains in several parts of the body, improper functioning of brain, weaknesses and feelings of tiredness not allowing them to lead a happy and comfortable life. However In this book, it is stated that the medical researches are working to bring complete perfection to the life of these people and this is identified as the CFS/ME. In oxford and certain other important universities of the west, research is being made for the cure of the CFS/ME as well as projects are also carried to make bring about awareness in people about the fatigue.

The book explains the symptoms, research work and scientific facts about the CFS/ME. Therefore, I found it useful and informative as it provides information and investigations about such a disease which is considered as perfectly normal apparently but could destroy a person internally. 


© 2009 Samin Khan



Samin Khan, Philosophy Lecturer Postgraduate College Kohat, Pakistan


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