Tobacco Cessation Program

Hartford Behavioral Health Tobacco Cessation Program. 

Group counseling sessions and individual counseling sessions provide analysis and reflection of habits to help promote positive strategies and coping skills for changing cognition and behavior to quit smoking.

The positive orientation of this program eliminates the negative responses of guilt, shame, and failure, focusing on self-efficacy, empowerment, and success.


To empower each client to quit smoking through the use of tobacco cessation counseling, nicotine replacement therapy, meditation, and stress management, nicotine replacement therapy, meditation, and stress management.


Visit us during our OPEN ACCESS Hours for a personal tobacco cessation counseling session. During the session, the counselor will provide you with a personalized plan to promote your quitting success. The counselor can talk to you about available therapies such as groups sessions, individual counseling sessions which will cover topics on nicotine replacement products, meditation, and stress management techniques.


By quitting smoking you can add five to ten years to your life span. Here is how it starts:

2 Hours after quitting:
Blood pressure decreases, pulse rate drops, body temperature of hands and feet increases.

8 Hours after quitting:
Carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal, oxygen level in blood increases to normal.

24 Hours after quitting:
Chance of heart attack decreases.

48 Hours after quitting:
Nerve endings start re-growing, ability to smell and taste improve.

Funding provided from the Tobacco and Health Trust Fund by the CT Department of Public Health.


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Please call the Connecticut Quit Line at 1-800-QUIT-NOW




 Children under 18, please call 211.

 Adults, please call our mobile crisis unit at 860-297-0999


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Children and Adult services are available now with no wait time.  

Please contact HBH at 860-548-0101, option 2.


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