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Pain Management Organizations and Information

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United States Organizations

For more information on neurological disorders or research programs funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, contact the Institute's Brain Resources and Information Network (BRAIN) at:

Information also is available from the following organizations:

  • American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA)
    P.O. Box 850
    Rocklin, CA 95677-0850
    Tel: 916-632-0922 800-533-3231
    Fax: 916-632-3208
    Provides self-help coping skills and peer support to people with chronic pain. Sponsors local support groups throughout the U.S. and provides assistance in starting and maintaining support groups.
  • American Migraine Foundation
    19 Mantua Road
    Mt. Royal, NJ 08061
    Tel: 856-423-0258 800-255-ACHE (255-2243)
    Fax: 856-423-0082
    Their mission is to mobilize a community for patient support and advocacy, as well as drive and support impactful research that translates into treatment advances for patients with migraine and other disabling diseases that cause severe head pain.
  • National Headache Foundation
    820 N. Orleans
    Suite 217
    Chicago, IL 60610-3132
    Tel: 773-388-6399 888-NHF-5552 (643-5552)
    Fax: 773-525-7357
    Non-profit organization dedicated to service headache sufferers, their families, and the healthcare practitioners who treat them. Promotes research into headache causes and treatments and educates the public.
  • National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain
    P.O. Box 70045
    Houston, TX 77270
    Tel: 713-862-9332
    Fax: 713-862-9346
    Not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing support for patients who are suffering from intractable pain, their families, friends and the physicians who treat them. Offers a patient forum, advocacy programs, information, support resources, and direct medical intervention.
  • Mayday Fund [For Pain Research]
    c/o SPG
    136 West 21st Street, 6th Floor
    New York, NY 10011
    Tel: 212-366-6970
    Fax: 212-366-6979
    The Mayday Pain Project works to increase awareness and to provide objective information concerning the treatment of pain.
  • Arthritis Foundation
    1330 West Peachtree Street
    Suite 100
    Atlanta, GA 30309
    Tel: 800-283-7800 404-965-7100
    Fax: 404-872-0457
    Volunteer-driven organization that works to improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control, and cure of arthritis and related diseases. Offers free brochures on various types of arthritis, treatment options, and management of daily activities when affected.

International Organization

The International Association for the Study of Pain brings together scientists, clinicians, health-care providers, and policymakers to stimulate and support the study of pain and to translate that knowledge into improved pain relief worldwide.

Australian Organizations

The Australian Pain Management Association Inc. (APMA) is a health charity which was established in 2009 because there weren't any community services for the more than 3.2 million Australians living with pain. APMA is the consumer health organisation for all Australians who live with pain.

The Australian Pain Society is a multidisciplinary organisation aiming to relieve pain and related suffering through advocacy and leadership in clinical practice, education and research.

Painaustralia is a national not-for-profit body established to improve the treatment and management of pain in Australia. The organization was formed in February 2011 to facilitate implementation of the National Pain Strategy (NPS), which was developed by more than 200 delegates at the Pain Summit held at Parliament House, Canberra, in March 2010.

Canadian Organizations

Canadian Pain Society is a society of scientists and health professionals who have a vested interest in pain research and management. As a chapter of the IASP, the CPS supports the treatment of pain as a basic human right and is currently advocating for a Canadian National Pain Strategy.  

The Chronic Pain Association of Canada is Canada's largest independent, not-for-profit charitable organization serving people affected by pain, through education, information, support advocacy.

The Canadian Academy of Pain Management is dedicated to promoting excellence of care for pain sufferers; through comprehensive professional development for professionals who care for pain sufferers; in a context of interdisciplinary collaboration; and through adherence to the core professional attitudes and acquisition of knowledge essential for caring for pain sufferers.

United Kingdom Organizations

The British Pain Society is the largest multidisciplinary professional organisation in the field of pain within the UK. Membership comprises medical pain specialists, nurses, physiotherapists, scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, general practitioners, occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals actively engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of pain and in pain research for the benefit of patients.

Pain UK is an alliance of charities providing a voice for people in pain. They were founded in November 2011 and registered as a charity in January 2012. Since then, their membership base has grown rapidly and they now support charities dealing with all manner of painful conditions, from head to toe.




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