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Other Sexual Dysfunction Disorders

Lorraine Benuto, Ph.D., edited by C. E. Zupanick, Psy.D.

Substance/Medication-Induced Sexual Dysfunction

To be diagnosed with this condition, there must be significant disturbance in sexual function. There must also be evidence from the person's history, physical exam or lab findings of both of the following:

  • The disturbance developed during or soon after substance intoxication or withdrawal or after exposure to a medication
  • The involved substance or medication is capable of producing sexual dysfunction

The disturbance cannot happen exclusively during delirium and must cause significant stress in the person's life.

Other Specified Sexual Dysfunction

This is used when symptoms of a sexual dysfunction are present and cause significant distress or impairment, but do not meet full criteria for any of the other disorders. This classification is used when the clinician is listing the specific reason that the symptoms do not meet the full disorder criteria.

Unspecified Sexual Dysfunction

This category is used when symptoms characteristic of a sexual dysfunction cause significant distress or impairment, but do not meet full criteria for any of the other disorders, and the clinician does not wish to specify the reason that criteria are not met. This also includes situations when there is not enough information available for the clinician to make a specific diagnosis.



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