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Drop in Life Expectancy From COVID Much Worse for Black, Hispanic Americans - 2021-06-24
"Overall, American life expectancy dropped by just over one year in 2020. But researchers found the pandemic hit minority groups even harder, shaving more than three years off the life expectancy of Hispanic people and almost two years off that of Black people." More

Innovative Kidney Donor 'Voucher' System Is Saving Lives - 2021-06-24
"Veale explained that when donors sign up for the voucher program, what they're in effect doing is giving their kidney to a stranger with an immediate need. But in so doing they are then given a voucher, which they can then assign to the person or persons they truly want to help." More

Body's 'Signals' May Feel Different in People With Anorexia, Depression - 2021-06-24
"The brain interprets physical signals differently in people with depression, anorexia and some other mental health disorders, new research shows." More

1 in 3 Caregivers for Elderly May Be Untrained, Unscreened - 2021-06-24
"A new report raises questions about the training and qualifications of many caregivers for the elderly across the United States." More

Mental Confusion an Early Warning Sign of Severe COVID-19 - 2021-06-24
"COVID-19 patients with mental confusion are at increased risk for a severe form of the illness, a new study finds." More

For People With Heart Failure, Statins May Lower Cancer Risk Too - 2021-06-24
"Many people with heart failure take a cholesterol-lowering statin, and new research suggests those pills might also lower their odds for cancer." More

COVID Caused Biggest Drop in U.S. Life Expectancy Since World War II - 2021-06-24
"There were significant racial differences. Life expectancy fell 1.36 years among whites, 3.25 years among Blacks and 3.88 years among Hispanics, researchers say." More

Clot-Removing Procedure Can Sometimes Backfire for Stroke Patients - 2021-06-24
"When someone suffers a stroke, doctors can often remove the culprit clot obstructing blood flow to the brain. Now, a new study sheds light on why those successful procedures do not always translate into a good outcome." More

FDA to Add Warning to Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines About Rare Heart Issues in Young - 2021-06-24
"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday that it will add a warning to the Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines about mild, rare cases of heart inflammation seen in some teens and young adults following vaccination." More

AHA News: Silent Heart Attacks All Too Common, and Often Overlooked - 2021-06-23
"Also called silent ischemia or a silent myocardial infarction, it may present with minimal, unrecognized or no symptoms at all. " More

Rash, Itch After COVID Vaccine Rare & Quickly Resolves - 2021-06-23
"Rashes, itchiness and other skin problems can develop after people receive COVID-19 vaccines, but such problems are rare and go away quickly, new research shows." More

No Good Evidence Weight Loss Supplements Work: Study - 2021-06-23
"Losing weight is hard, but many weight loss supplements promise to make the journey easy. Unfortunately, there's little high-quality research to back these claims, a new study shows." More

Study Suggests COVID Vaccine Booster Shots Will Be Needed - 2021-06-23
"One dose of a two-dose mRNA COVID-19 vaccine is enough to protect previously infected people, but it's likely they and everyone with two doses will still require booster shots at a later date, a new study suggests." More

Stress Has Many U.S. Teachers Leaving Profession: Survey - 2021-06-23
"Teaching has always been a stressful job, and now a new survey suggests the pandemic could be driving even more teachers from the time-honored profession." More

Fertility Drugs Won't Raise Breast Cancer Risk - 2021-06-23
"Women battling infertility are often given medications to help them conceive, and potential side effects are always a concern. Now, research suggests use of the drugs won't raise a woman's odds for breast cancer." More

2489 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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