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Deceleration in Health Care Spending Growth in 2016 - 2017-12-11
"Health care spending growth slowed in 2016 following faster growth in 2014 and 2015, according to research published online Dec. 6 in Health Affairs." More

Stair-Step Clomiphene Reduces Time to Ovulation in PCOS - 2017-12-11
"The stair-step clomiphene protocol is associated with decreased time to ovulation for women with polycystic ovary syndrome, according to a study published online Dec. 4 in Obstetrics & Gynecology." More

Few Patients, Providers Discuss Costs of Glaucoma Medications - 2017-12-11
"Few patients have conversations with providers about the cost of glaucoma medications, according to research published in the December issue of Optometry and Vision Science." More

β-Cell Sensitivity to Glucose Impaired After Gastric Bypass - 2017-12-11
"Individuals with prior Roux-en-Y gastric bypass have blunted β-cell sensitivity to changes in glycemia, according to a study published online Nov. 20 in Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism." More

How to Perk Up the Holidays for Hospital Patients - 2017-12-11
"Stuck in the hospital while family and friends are enjoying holiday festivities?" More

Vigorous Exercise May Help Slow Parkinson's Disease - 2017-12-11
"People with early stage Parkinson's may be able to delay a worsening of the disease through a regimen of intense exercise, new research found." More

Good News, Guys: Viagra Prices Start to Tumble Today - 2017-12-11
"In news that will delight men who've had difficulties in the bedroom, two generic versions of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra are scheduled to hit the market Monday." More

Heath Tip: Give Age-Appropriate Toys - 2017-12-11
"Holiday toys should be age-appropriate and safe, to avoid injury." More

If Mom Has Rheumatoid Arthritis, Baby May Develop It, Too - 2017-12-11
"Children born to mothers with rheumatoid arthritis are at increased risk for the disease and other chronic health problems, a new study suggests." More

New Gene Therapy May Be Cure for 'Bubble Boy' Disease - 2017-12-11
"Babies born with the immune-system ravaging "bubble boy" disease have had to spend their too-often-short lives in germ-free isolation, lest something as simple as a common cold virus fell them with a fatal infection." More

Another Gene Therapy Breakthrough Against Hemophilia - 2017-12-11
"Coming just days after reports of a gene therapy that pushed the bleeding disorder hemophilia B into remission, new research suggests the same could be true for adults with the "A" form of the disease." More

Prenatal Sugar Intake May Increase Asthma Risk in Offspring - 2017-12-08
"Increased maternal prenatal and early childhood intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and fructose is associated with increased odds of developing childhood asthma, according to a study published online Dec. 8 in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society." More

Got Scabies? Here's What to Do - 2017-12-08
"If you or a family member develops scabies, you need to take immediate action, a dermatologist advises." More

Are Women With Parkinson's at a Disadvantage? - 2017-12-08
"Women with Parkinson's disease appear to face a disadvantage: They're much less likely than men to have caregivers, a new study finds." More

SABCS: 3D Mammography Could Help Rein in Screening Costs - 2017-12-08
"Digital breast tomosynthesis costs more than digital mammography, but is more accurate and may help rein in cancer screening costs overall, according to a study presented at the annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, held from Dec. 5 to 9 in Texas." More

3522 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  

To quit smoking, call Connecticut QuitLine at 1-800-QUIT-NOW.

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