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AHA News: What's Safe Once You've Had Your COVID-19 Vaccine? - 2021-02-24
"And the official word is: Once you're vaccinated, sit tight a while longer. Things will be better soon, experts say. But vaccination is not a get-out-of-jail-free card." More

Coronavirus Antibodies Appear to Stop Reinfection for Months - 2021-02-24
"Protective immune system antibodies that develop after being infected with COVID-19 last for at least a few months, a new study suggests. And reinfection does seem to be relatively rare." More

Pharmacies Will Distribute COVID-19 Vaccines: What You Need to Know - 2021-02-24
"Need a COVID-19 vaccine? Your neighborhood pharmacy may soon have one on hand." More

'Night Owls' Perform Worse at Work, Study Finds - 2021-02-24
""Early to bed, early to rise" may be good advice for your career. New research finds that, compared to night owls, folks with earlier bedtimes perform better at work and are less plagued by disabilities that lead to early retirement." More

COVID in Pregnancy Tied to Higher Odds for 'Preemie' Delivery - 2021-02-24
"Pregnant women with COVID-19 may be more likely to have a preterm birth. But they don't have an increased risk of stillbirth or baby death soon after birth, researchers found." More

Switch to Plant-Based Diet Could Protect Older Women's Brains - 2021-02-24
"New research shows that older women who ate the most plant protein were 21% less likely to suffer a dementia-related death and 12% less likely to die from heart disease, compared with women who ate little to no plant protein." More

Many Cancer Patients Worry Pandemic Will Impact Their Care: Survey - 2021-02-24
"Battling cancer is tough in normal times, but many U.S. cancer survivors are concerned the coronavirus pandemic will interfere with their care and put their health at risk, a new study finds." More

COVID No More Deadly for People With Asthma, Large Study Shows - 2021-02-24
"After analyzing data from 57 studies that included a total of over 587,000 people, scientists discovered that rates of asthma among people with COVID-19 were similar to rates in the general population, at just over seven in 100 people and just over eight in 100, respectively." More

3D Mammograms Best at Spotting Tumors, But Many Black Women Missing Out - 2021-02-24
"Access to potentially lifesaving 3D mammography isn't equal, new research shows." More

Migraines? Get Moving: Exercise Can Help Curb Attacks - 2021-02-24
"Exercise has long been a potential way to reduce migraine triggers, but a new study suggests it could be an especially effective with triggers such stress, depression and trouble sleeping." More

FDA Review Finds J&J COVID Vaccine Safe, Effective - 2021-02-24
"Officials from both Pfizer and Moderna delivered reassuring news about their COVID-19 vaccines to Congress on Tuesday: There will be a sharp rise in the delivery of doses in the coming month, and they will be able to provide enough doses to vaccinate most Americans by summer." More

AHA News: Black, Hispanic Families Hit Hardest by Dementia - 2021-02-23
"While dementia risk in the United States has been relatively stable over the past two decades, racial disparities have remained high, according to research published last year in JAMA Neurology. " More

Why Some 'Super Ager' Folks Keep Their Minds Dementia-Free - 2021-02-23
"Researchers may have uncovered a key reason some people remain sharp as a tack into their 80s and 90s: Their brains resist the buildup of certain proteins that mark Alzheimer's disease." More

Guys, Exercise Will Boost Your Aging Hearts, Testosterone Won't: Study - 2021-02-23
"Testosterone levels tend to fall in older men, but a new study shows that exercise -- and not supplemental testosterone -- is the way to rejuvenate the aging male heart." More

Lupus More Deadly for Asian and Hispanic Americans: Study - 2021-02-23
"More Asian and Hispanic people with lupus die prematurely than white patients, a new study reveals." More

2475 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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