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When Is It Time for a Knee Replacement? - 2022-03-19
"Deciding the time for knee replacement needs to be determined by you and your doctor, but certain factors make it more likely, according to experts at Keck Medicine of the University of Southern California." More

AHA News: Death Rates From Tears In This Major Heart Artery Are Rising, Especially Among Women, Black Adults - 2022-03-18
"The death rate for people who have a tear in a major artery coming out of the heart -- aortic dissection -- has been rising over the past decade, especially among women and Black adults, new research shows." More

Medical Marijuana Rx Ups Odds for Overuse, With No Benefit to Health: Study - 2022-03-18
"Using medical marijuana to treat pain, anxiety or depression may quickly lead to dependence, without relieving symptoms, a new study suggests." More

U.S. Smoking, Vaping Rates Fell in First Year of Pandemic: CDC - 2022-03-18
"A new government report reveals that both cigarette smoking and electronic cigarette use dropped slightly among American adults during the first year of the pandemic." More

Major Credit Agencies Will Drop Most Medical Debt From Reports - 2022-03-18
"Most medical debt will be dropped from Americans' credit reports as of this summer, the top three credit reporting agencies said Friday." More

Life Span After Alzheimer's Diagnosis: What Factors Matter Most - 2022-03-18
"After a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, families have much to worry about. They wonder what's next and how long their loved one has left to live." More

Brain Scans Give Clues to Binge Eating Disorder in Young Kids - 2022-03-18
"Children who binge eat may be hardwired to do so: New research reveals they have abnormalities in regions of the brain associated with reward and inhibition." More

Omicron COVID Causing Severe Croup in Young Children - 2022-03-18
"The Omicron COVID-19 variant can cause croup in young children, including severe cases that require hospitalization and intensive care, a new study shows." More

'Zapping' Air Passages May Bring Relief for Severe Asthma - 2022-03-18
"Bronchial thermoplasty shrinks smooth muscle in the lungs, which prevents them from tightening up and causing an attack. " More

Moderna Asks FDA to Approve Second Booster for All Adults - 2022-03-18
"Moderna said late Thursday that it has asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to approve the emergency use of a second booster of its COVID vaccine for all adults." More

AHA News: What Parents Can Do When Kids With Congenital Heart Defects Grow Up - 2022-03-17
""As part of the process, parents or caregivers need to change their role as the primary caregiver to the person that's in more of the supportive role. Someone who's still there to help, but not the person that's necessarily calling the shots," said John, who also is an associate professor of pediatrics at George Washington University." More

People Are Now Living More Years in Good Health: Study - 2022-03-17
"Older adults may not only be living longer, but better as well, according to a new U.K. study." More

New Tick-Borne Virus Is Spreading Across U.S. - 2022-03-17
"The potentially deadlytick-borne Heartland virus is spreading across the United States and has now been found in Georgia, Emory University researchers report." More

Studies Relying on Brain Scans Are Often Unreliable, Analysis Shows - 2022-03-17
"Most brain studies that rely on MRI scans don't include enough people to provide trustworthy results, researchers say." More

Memory Issues Plague Long COVID Patients - 2022-03-17
"Memory and concentration problems haunt 7 in 10 patients with long COVID, a pair of new studies indicate." More

2117 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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