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AHA News: High-Speed Internet Offers Key Connection to Health, But Millions Lack It - 2020-08-05
""Telehealth is considered this amazing new tool," said Angela Siefer, executive director of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, a nonprofit advocacy group based in Columbus, Ohio. "But really, it's only amazing for some folks."" More

More Social Media Use, More Fake COVID News - 2020-08-05
"People getting their COVID-19 information from social media are more likely to receive misinformation, Canadian researchers report." More

Skip the 'Maskne,' Not the Mask - 2020-08-05
" For most people, wearing a face mask is a harmless inconvenience, but wearing the coverings may cause skin problems for some, one dermatologist explains." More

Obesity Ups Odds for Severe COVID-19, But Age Matters - 2020-08-05
"If you're younger than 65 years old and obese, COVID-19 poses a special danger to you." More

Seven States Join Pact to Speed Coronavirus Testing - 2020-08-05
"As the daily U.S. coronavirus death toll averaged more than 1,000 for the ninth straight day on Tuesday, governors from seven states banded together to shorten turnaround time for COVID-19 test results." More

Vitamin D Won't Reduce Risk of Depression - 2020-08-04
"For those battling debilitating depression, a new study delivers some bad news: Vitamin D supplements won't make a dent in improving mood." More

U.S. Grandparents Are Raising Millions of Kids, and It's Tough - 2020-08-04
"Nearly 3 million children in the United States are being raised by grandparents, and life has placed these kids on a rocky road toward adulthood, a new study reports." More

Study Casts Doubt on Value of Cholesterol Drugs - 2020-08-04
"Hundreds of millions of people worldwide take cholesterol-lowering drugs, like statins, but now a new review suggests that many folks don't benefit from these medications." More

COVID-19 Fears Had Sick, Injured Americans Avoiding ERs - 2020-08-04
"Visits to hospital emergency rooms fell off sharply in March when the COVID-19 pandemic started keeping people at home -- and a new study reports they never returned to normal." More

Cancer Diagnoses Plunge as Americans Avoid Screening During Pandemic - 2020-08-04
"As COVID-19 continues to impact nearly all aspects of American health care, researchers warn that the United States has seen a troubling drop in cancer diagnoses since the pandemic began." More

Mysterious Paralyzing Illness in Kids Is Set to Return, CDC Warns - 2020-08-04
"A new outbreak of a mysterious, potentially fatal polio-like illness could strike hundreds of American children within the next few months, U.S. health officials warned Tuesday." More

Many Older Americans Staying Strong in the Pandemic - 2020-08-04
"Older Americans are feeling stressed by COVID-19 and prolonged social isolation, but they're also showing their resiliency, a new study finds." More

Aggressive Cancer Diagnosed for First Time in a Dinosaur - 2020-08-04
"Scientists for the first time have identified an aggressive bone cancer in a dinosaur that lived nearly 77 million years ago." More

Coronavirus Cases Now Climbing in the Midwest - 2020-08-04
"Midwestern states are starting to see surges in coronavirus cases, just as Southern and Western states are scrambling to contain their own outbreaks of COVID-19." More

Breastfeeding OK After Mom Has Anesthesia, Experts Say - 2020-08-03
"It's perfectly safe to breastfeed after a mom receives anesthesia, new British medical guidelines say." More

2531 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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