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New Clues Show How Stress May Turn Your Hair Gray - 2020-01-23
"The next time you tell your rebellious teenagers that their antics are giving you gray hair, know that the latest animal research seems to confirm your claim." More

AHA News: What's Blood Type Got to Do With Clot Risk? - 2020-01-23
"People with blood types A and B may have higher risks for developing dangerous blood clots compared to people who have type O blood. That's according to new research that also showed a slightly higher risk for certain types of heart disease among the A and B groups." More

Racism Linked to Faster Aging Among Blacks - 2020-01-23
"The racism black Americans face may age them prematurely, a new study suggests. This aging is occurring at the cellular level -- specifically, the shortening of telomeres, researchers say." More

Largest-Ever Study Ties Over 100 Genes to Autism - 2020-01-23
" More than 100 genes appear to be involved in autism spectrum disorders (ASD), according to the largest genetic study of the condition to date." More

Blacks, Hispanics More Likely to Have Better Outcome After 'Bleeding' Stroke - 2020-01-23
"After a hemorrhagic stroke, often called a "bleeding" stroke, young black and Hispanic people are less likely than white people to be disabled or die within the following three months, a new study finds." More

Health Tip: Warning Signs of Drowsy Driving - 2020-01-23
"Drowsy driving was responsible for more than 72,000 vehicle crashes in 2013, according to the most recent statistics available from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention." More

What Parents Can Do to Prevent Teens From Driving Drunk - 2020-01-22
"Older teens who know that their parents disapprove of drinking are less likely to drive impaired as young adults, a new study finds." More

Can Online Reviews Help Health Inspectors Keep Tabs on Restaurants? - 2020-01-22
"Could that nasty online review you wrote about your neighborhood restaurant help the local health inspector do a better job?" More

New Drug Could Help Stop Blindness From Thyroid Eye Disease - 2020-01-22
"The newly approved drug teprotumumab can offer hope to adults with thyroid eye disease, a rare and potentially blinding condition." More

AHA News: Can Social Media Be Good for Your Health? - 2020-01-22
"Combine the vast power and reach of social media, the unlimited resources of websites and apps, and the unquenchable thirst for health information and motivation. The result is a powerful tool for researchers, health care providers and patients. But like many aspects of the internet, it can be a mixed blessing." More

Eating More Veggies Won't Stop Prostate Cancer: Study - 2020-01-22
"Eating a diet high in vegetables and fruits does not slow or cure prostate cancer, according to a new study." More

'Yo-Yo' Blood Pressure Numbers in Youth a Bad Sign for Health Later - 2020-01-22
"If your blood pressure numbers swing from low to high and back again in your 20s, that could bode ill for heart health in middle age, new research shows." More

When Dementia Harms Speech, Native Language Matters - 2020-01-22
"Dementia patients may develop distinct speech and reading problems depending on their native language, a new study finds." More

Are Antibiotics a Recipe for Obesity in Childhood? - 2020-01-22
"Children who receive multiple antibiotic prescriptions early in life may be vulnerable to obesity, two new studies suggest." More

Vaping Is the Darling of Instagram - 2020-01-22
"Vaping has been deemed hazardous for your health by public officials across America, but you wouldn't know it by scrolling through Instagram." More

2449 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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