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New Hope Against Diseases Marked by Progressive Scarring of Lung Tissue - 2021-01-15
"An inhaled medication might make every day physical activity a bit easier for patients with serious scarring of the lungs, a new clinical trial finds." More

AHA News: What Heart and Stroke Patients Should Know About COVID-19 Vaccines - 2021-01-15
"Experts have a simple answer for heart and stroke patients questioning whether they need a COVID-19 vaccination. That answer: yes." More

COVID Pandemic Shortened U.S. Life Expectancy by More Than a Year - 2021-01-15
" The COVID-19 pandemic significantly shortened life expectancy in the United States, especially among Black people and Hispanics, a new study says." More

Program Helps Low-Income Women Get Needed Mammograms - 2021-01-15
"Giving low-income women mammograms when they're hospitalized can boost their breast cancer screening rates, according to a new study." More

Shorter COVID Quarantine for College Athletes a Good Idea, Study Finds - 2021-01-15
"After SARS-CoV-2 exposure, a 14-day quarantine is standard among university athletes. But shorter quarantines for these athletes, along with mid-quarantine testing, may improve their compliance without increasing the risk that they'll infect others, a new study suggests." More

What Happened to the Flu This Year? - 2021-01-15
"The United States has far fewer flu cases than normal, and experts say it's probably due to measures people are taking to protect themselves from COVID-19." More

3 Steps Could Nearly Eliminate COVID Infections on College Campuses: Study - 2021-01-15
"A combination of mask use, social distancing and routine testing would eliminate nearly all COVID-19 infections on U.S. college campuses, a new study claims." More

Pharmacy Chains Ready to Supply COVID-19 Vaccines to Americans - 2021-01-15
"Now that federal guidelines have expanded COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to include people over 65 and those of all ages with underlying health conditions, drug stores say they are ready, willing and able to start giving the shots." More

Sperm Samples May Help Predict Autism Risk in Offspring - 2021-01-14
"Biomarkers in sperm may help identify men at risk of fathering children with autism, researchers say." More

Cancer Screening Fell Sharply Early in Pandemic, But Has Rebounded - 2021-01-14
"As clinics closed for non-essential care and patients' COVID-19 fears kept them from check-ups, the United States saw a steep drop in cancer screenings and diagnoses during the first peak of the pandemic, a new report finds." More

'Mindfulness' on Your Mind? It Has Limits, Review Finds - 2021-01-14
"Mindfulness is all the rage when it comes to boosting mental health, but new research suggests that it may not help everyone equally." More

I've Already Had COVID-19, Do I Need the Vaccine? - 2021-01-14
"Experts say they really need the shot anyway, because even after having COVID they might be vulnerable to reinfection." More

What Will COVID-19 Look Like Years From Now? - 2021-01-14
"The bad news? COVID-19 may be around for a long, long time. The good news? Even if it does, new research suggests it could very well end up being just another mild illness, bringing with it inconvenience and discomfort, but rarely hospitalization or death." More

Climate Change Is Spurring Malnutrition in Kids Worldwide - 2021-01-14
"Rising temperatures caused by climate change are contributing to low diet quality and malnutrition among young children in many parts of the world, researchers say." More

First Computer Model of Entire COVID Virus Will Aid Research - 2021-01-14
"Scientists have created the first computer model of the entire virus that causes COVID-19 and will share it with other researchers trying to find ways to fight the pandemic." More

2439 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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