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Life in Space May Take Toll on Spinal Muscles - 2019-01-15
"Astronauts tend to complain of back pain after returning to Earth. Now, researchers think they can explain that discomfort." More

Type 2 Diabetes Before 40 Tied to Mental Illness Hospitalizations - 2019-01-15
"People who develop type 2 diabetes before they turn 40 are twice as likely to be hospitalized for mental illness as those who develop the blood sugar disease after 40, a new study shows." More

AHA: Hookah Smoking Trendy, Despite Evidence of Health Risks - 2019-01-15
"While cigarette smoking has hit an all-time low, another form of tobacco use is rising in popularity -- hookah smoking -- and researchers are concerned there's a new epidemic brewing, especially among young adults." More

Vaccine, Screening Can Prevent Cervical Cancer Deaths - 2019-01-15
"About 4,000 women in the United States die from cervical cancer each year -- even though there's a preventive vaccine and screening to catch the disease early." More

Stem Cell Transplant May Help Some With Aggressive MS - 2019-01-15
"A stem cell transplant may help some people with multiple sclerosis (MS) when standard drugs fail, a new clinical trial finds." More

Health Tip: Understanding a Heart Murmur - 2019-01-15
"An "innocent" heart murmur is a non-dangerous series of sounds made by the heart as it pumps blood through the organ's chambers and valves, the American Heart Association says." More

Bribe Yourself to Diet - 2019-01-15
"For many people struggling with weight, an underlying reason for the excess pounds is the habit of using food to soothe bad feelings and reward good behavior. To lose weight, turn that habit on its ear." More

Junk Food Ads Target Minority Kids: Study - 2019-01-15
"Nearly all TV food ads aimed at Hispanic and black children in the United States are for unhealthy products, a new report claims." More

Want to Live Longer? Just Sit a Bit Less Each Day - 2019-01-15
"Researchers say even a few extra minutes off the sofa each day can add years to your life span." More

Calling All Blood Donors … - 2019-01-14
"The holidays, winter weather and the flu season have all prompted a blood shortage, the American Red Cross warns." More

Opioids Now More Deadly for Americans Than Traffic Accidents - 2019-01-14
"For the first time in history, Americans' risk of dying from an opioid overdose is higher than their risk of dying in a car accident, the National Safety Council reported Monday." More

Nature or Nurture? Twins Study Helps Sort Out Genes' Role in Disease - 2019-01-14
"Two of every five common diseases are at least partially influenced by a person's genetics, the largest U.S. study of twins ever conducted finds." More

Health Tip: Managing Your Family's Digital Life - 2019-01-14
"TVs and computers are part of everyday life, but the American Academy of Pediatrics urges caution about overuse of digital devices." More

Vaccines: Not Just for Kids - 2019-01-14
"But getting vaccines and booster shots is vital throughout adulthood as well." More

Happiness High in States With Lots of Parks, Libraries - 2019-01-14
"The number of parks, libraries and natural resources in the state where you reside might have a great deal to do with how happy you are." More

2639 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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