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Intervening in Infancy Might Help Prevent Some Cases of Autism: Study - 2021-09-21
"Infants may show early signs of autism, but a diagnosis usually isn't made until age 3. Now, a new study suggests that jumpstarting therapy might stave off that diagnosis altogether." More

Antibodies to Early Strains of COVID May Not Fight New Variants: Study - 2021-09-22
"Antibodies from current COVID-19 vaccines don't bind well to the new variants of the virus, a study finds." More

Parents of Hospitalized Kids Need More Info on Costs: Study - 2021-09-22
"Having a child in the hospital is distressing for families, and not knowing what that stay might cost can add to that stress, researchers say." More

Sexual Assault Could Affect a Woman's Long-Term Brain Health - 2021-09-22
"It's known that sexual assault affects a woman's physical and mental health. Now, researchers say these traumatic incidents may also harm her brain health." More

Witnessing Abuse of a Sibling Can Traumatize a Child - 2021-09-22
"Seeing a parent abuse a sibling can be as traumatizing as watching a parent hurt another parent, a new study finds." More

Migraines and More Severe Hot Flashes Could Be Linked - 2021-09-22
"Women with a history of migraine headaches may suffer severe hot flashes during menopause, and this combo may boost their risk for heart disease, researchers say." More

More Women Turning to Marijuana Products to Help With Menopause - 2021-09-22
"Sleeplessness. Night sweats. Anxiety. Irritability. Aches and pains. Would smoking a little pot help women deal with these common symptoms of menopause?" More

Pregnant Women Who Get COVID Vaccine Pass Antibodies to Newborns - 2021-09-22
"One way to help protect newborns from COVID-19 is for women to get their COVID vaccine while pregnant." More

CDC Expert Panel to Weigh In on Vaccine Boosters - 2021-09-22
"An advisory panel to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will meet on Wednesday to discuss which Americans, if any, should get Pfizer booster shots to rev up their immunity to COVID-19." More

Which Kids Are at Highest Risk From COVID? - 2021-09-21
"Antoon noted that one in five kids with COVID-19 seen in U.S. emergency departments are admitted to the hospital, and 21% of them require treatment in an intensive care unit, including mechanical ventilation." More

4 Out of 10 Adults With No Known Heart Disease Have Fatty Hearts: Study - 2021-09-21
"Many middle-aged adults with apparently healthy hearts have a "silent" buildup of fatty deposits in their arteries, a large, new study shows." More

Booster Dose of J&J COVID Vaccine Increases Immunity - 2021-09-21
"According to the results of a new clinical trial, two doses of the vaccine boosts immunity to 94% from the 74% offered by a single dose, the company said in a statement." More

Watch Their Backs -- Don't Overload Those Schoolbags - 2021-09-21
"After more than a year at home, children are heading back to classrooms across the country. But they're also toting heavy bags on their backs again." More

Post-Stroke Rehab: There's a Sweet Spot in the Timing - 2021-09-21
"After a stroke, the best time to work on regaining hand and arm use is 60 to 90 days later, according to a new clinical trial." More

Common Form of Liver Cancer on the Rise in Rural America - 2021-09-21
"Liver cancer is on the rise in rural America, but on a downswing in cities, new research shows." More

2476 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)  


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