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Postmarket Drug Safety Information for Patients and Providers
This website contains links to postmarket drug safety information to improve transparency and communication to patients and healthcare providers.   Information includes drug labeling, risk evaluation strategies, clinical studies, safety information, recalls and warnings, and more.

FDA Consumer Affairs
FDA Consumer Affairs
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the main regulator of the food and pharmaceutical industries in the United States. The FDA website is an information-packed clearing house for finding out about any FDA regulated product (food and drugs). Find out about rare illnesses, food safety, starting businesses, freedom of information act, health and medical issues, etc. Free literature. Referrals to toll free numbers.

National Immunizations Information Hotline
National Immunizations Information Hotline
This site, provided by the CDC, provides information and referrals for where and how to obtain immunizations for infants, adults and health care professionals.
NIH and NLM is a USA government sponsored searchable database of research studies evaluating medications and other forms of therapy for safety and efficacy. You can search by the type of disorder a given therapy being evaluated is aimed at treating, or by the company or agency sponsoring the research. Articles on the nature of clinical trials are also provided. Site design is minimal but effective.


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