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Sponsored by Volunteers in Health Care, a non-profit program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
RxAssist is an online database to help physicians' offices and clinics locate, choose and apply for prescription drugs available for free from nearly 70 pharmaceutical manufacturer patient assistance programs for their eligible patients. Searchable by medication brand name, generic name, drug class or company. Sponsored by Volunteers in Health Care, a non-profit program funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Neil Sandow
A complete Internet drug index of over 4,000 drugs available for searching. Results provide brand name, generic name, class of drug, and information if the drug falls in the top 200 prescriptions. RxList ID allows you to identify unknown tablets and capsules by searching for their ID Imprint Codes. Also includes links to related sites, statistics, and a weekly humor section. Being a very professional and well organized site, this is usually the place we go to find drug information.
Various. Micomedex and Multum databases is a free online drug information service that receives information from the Micomedex and Multum databases. In addition to standard drug information searches, they offer a Drug Interaction program, a Pill Identification wizard and image library. A very informative site!
Christian Nordqvist
Contains a large database of pharmaceutical and medical abbreviations, with over 200,000 entries. The database is updated daily to include new acronyms and abbreviations and their meanings. The resource is free to use, allowing individuals to instantly look up meanings for acronyms and abbreviations from the fields of medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, agrochemicals, healthcare and more. An excellent and useful resource.

Medicines for Mental Health
Kevin Thompson, Ph.D.
This book is intended to be a useful summary of information regarding treatments for mental illness for people who have a mental illness, or know someone who has a mental illness, and want to know about the types of treatment that are available. It is also for medical practitioners and interested laypeople who may not specialize in psychiatric medications, but would like to have a good reference that covers the breadth of available treatments, at a useful depth. The material is well written, comprehensive, and yet understandable with frequently glossary definitions to clarify medical terminology. 


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