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Libby Overly, M.Ed., MSW and Richard J. Sagall, MD
NeedyMeds provides information about patient assistance programs (PAPs) which provide no-cost prescription medications to eligible low income participants. This site offers a simple database of drug manufacturers who offer programs for lower-income patients and the forms necessary to fill out and send in to gain access to those drugs for free.

Express Scripts' RxOutreach
Express Scripts
Express Scripts, a large licensed mail-order pharmacy, offers the RxOutreach patient assistance program (PAP) for generic medications. A PAP is a way that lower-income needy patients can get access to drugs for free or at very low cost. While many drug companies will offer PAPs for their patented drugs, once the drug goes generic, that PAP will all but certainly disappear. Express Scripts has created this PAP for generic drugs. low-income patients who have been properly prescribed medicine can fill out a form, pay a very reasonable administrative fee and receive the generic forms of that medicine through the mail.


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