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Why Sleep is Good For Your Brain
Have you ever wondered why sleep is good for you or how it affects your brain? AARP asked Dr. Jessica Langham, a principal scientist at the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, to tell us why sleep is so important for our brain health.

50 and Fit
Lee Memorial Health System
Whether you’re running, swimming, or bicycling, health experts say as we age it’s important to stay active.

Getting a Jump on Osteoporosis
Lee Memorial Health System
It affects 200 million women worldwide. Osteoporosis is the loss of bone density over time.

Difference Between Alzheimer's and Dementia
Lee Memorial Health System
"I tell people that it's sort of like dementia is the team and Alzheimer's is one of the players," says Dr. Michael Raab, a geriatrician with Memory Care at Lee Memorial Health System. Dementia covers a number of disorders; Alzheimer's is most common.

Signals You May be Ready for Joint Replacement
Lee Memorial Health System
People living with joint pain face a tough choice: if and when to get replacement surgery. It’s a personal decision, but there are basic signals to help guide you.


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